The University of Sydney, Australia

Targeting Strategies for Metal-Based Anticancer Agents


In this presentation, we will argue that in order for metal-based cytotoxic agents to achieve their potential, strategies are required to focus their action, both to tumours themselves and to the various microenvironments that exist within a solid tumour. Such approaches have the potential to reduce the side effects that limit the application and effectiveness of cytotoxic anticancer agents and to generate more durable outcomes, including long term survival.

We will also report on our work aimed at developing low toxicity pro-drugs which exploit the chemical and biological features of different tumour microenvironments including hypoxia, acidity, and enzyme over-expression. The effect of the coordination sphere on the stability and activation of platinum(IV) prodrugs and cobalt(III) based drug delivery vehicles will be described as will examples of strategies for achieving selective uptake of these complexes by cancer cells.