Wen-Feng LIAW

National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes (DNICs): Synthesis toward Unveiling the Catalytic Roles of DNICs


Due to the inadequacy of structurally well-defined dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNICs), the molecular geometry and spectroscopic identification of DNICs were limited to four-coordinated tetrahedral DNICs with EPR g-value ~ 2.03. The recently developed synthetic methodologies expand the scope of DNICs into non-classical square pyramidal/trigonal bipyramidal and octahedral {Fe(NO)2}9 DNICs as well as the accessible {Fe(NO)2}9/10 redox couples for mononuclear DNICs and [{Fe(NO)2}9/10-{Fe(NO)2}9/10] redox states for dinuclear DNICs. The study of DNICs consisting of synthesis and spectroscopy to investigate their electronic structures, transformation as well as the chemically catalytic activity will be discussed. Specifically, the fundamental knowledge of DNICs was progressively conveyed to provide the insights of the essential roles of DNICs modeling the degradation and repair of [Fe-S] clusters under the presence of NO, transformation of DNIC into S-nitrosothiol (RSNO), DNICs serving as NO·/NO carrier, nitrite/nitrate activation producing NO regulated by redox shuttling of {Fe(NO)2}9/10 DNICs, and DNICs serving as precursory catalyst for electrocatalytic water splitting.