To all participants of AsBIC9


It has been brought to our attention that you may be receiving calls or emails from a third party with regards to your hotel accommodation for the upcoming AsBIC9.

The caller or email may indicate that they are appointed by the organizer to help you find suitable accommodation for your stay in Singapore.

Please note that the organizer has NOT appointed any such party to manage or promote the hotel accommodation for the conference.

As such, we caution you to use your discretion in responding to such scam emails or calls, and if you have the slightest doubt to please check/verify with the secretariat at:

Please also note that the list of recommended hotels is posted on the conference website at:

And we do not recommend/endorse other hotels not on this list, although you are free to select your accommodation options through other online hotel booking portals.

Thank you for your attention!


The Organizing Committee, AsBIC9